Monday, January 21, 2008

Kindgirls - Morality

My views on the girls began to change when I prochityval Stephen King book, which reported that one man planted his ten-year daughter to their knees and their tersya member of its graphics. I filed together with him. Following been read, I became part, inadvertently stop their views on girls and looked at them as if through clothing, I considered it their charms. Days passed. Wherever I have not had before, almost everywhere, I could see little girls. The heart began beating stronger. Member faced. And I decided to become a little girl lover.

I live nine-storied house. On the second floor, lives with eight-year-old granddaughter. This old day goes on the market for alms. Nadia (her granddaughter) comes from schools in eleven o'clock. I rasplaniroval everything, even what, I am going to say it glory. It was my day.

Descending the stairs, I heard that Nadia, remained at home when one almost has never closed the door on the lock. I am not mistaken. I cautiously opened the door and went inside. They lived in a one-room apartment. On the left of me, I saw the door of the hall, and in front, the kitchen was a few steps. I thought that no one not, and suddenly became zalnaya door open. The door opened and before domnoy privstala Nadia. It was clothed short, white dress. At her person I saw frightened.

-- Do not be afraid, Nadia, I thy grandmother. It asked you to allocate money and chocolates - and I extended 200 - not rubles and chocolates. Her eyes became like, in the rabbit, driven by the trap. I slowly, not carefully, and slowly came to her feet and ran.

-- Do not be afraid, I love you - I said it very affectionately. I smiled and kindness she considered her baby face. Difficulties at this point in my soul new sense of frightened me. Before domnoy stayala small, fragile, defenseless girl who must grow and grow. At this moment, I could not think that I can get hold of her. That idea aroused in me a feeling of disgust, as to all men, healthier orientation, and naverni-ka, I had a pale face, and I left.

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