Monday, January 21, 2008

Kindgirls - Mrs. its serva

I work in the house of one rich woman. My day starts with the fact that I vylizyvayu sucking its owner. She calls me to my room and when I visit, my employer lies in bed, razdvinuv its beautiful, well-groomed and slightly fiddling stalk her clitoris and pointing out that I should do.
I pristraivayus between her legs. Naklanyayus over its precious pisechkoy and there tykayus nose. Vdyhayu this unparalleled flavor. Nose thirsty affection pussy. My tongue is slowly and methodically all skladochki her mouth pisenki. First, I oblizyvayu vybritye purely sexual sponges, and then, beginning in tihonku to go inside, and finding schelochku proskalzyvayu there. Landlady flinches from the first entry. Her letters beginning to allocate juices and the more I charge over her anyway, the more juice stands out. On such delicious. Incomparably delicious. Then it came from my language. I pose in a tight vysasyvayu entire juice, which she had left inside, which has not yet had time vytekti outwards. I vylizyvayu her that would not disappeared, and this drop nectar. Mrs. obessilennaya, but is satisfied with me and smiles. And I smile at her response.
We are moving in the bath, I malosr─Źnost on her body gel and start to massage her well-groomed body. The neck, shoulders, chest… Breast .. I take them in hand, fixing them laskayu sosochki, draznyu their language, they swell from my touch, becomes hard and persistently hanging forward. Opuskayus below… Moi handles slipping on her hips, seat covers. My fingers are beginning to caress those beautiful forms buttocks. I nogotochkami din potsarapyvayu pants. That goes to my hostess went all over his body. Then my palm smoothly moved to the inner side of the hips and eyes begin to stalk, while unintentionally, I would like to touch her fatal. Still, my fingers dotragivayutsya before that schelochki warm between my legs Madam. I hardly heard and tenderly held on clitoris, which by that time had already been filed. Juices and flow with the gentle letter. My fingers are feeling hole and I enter them there…. My owner wants this, I feel it is filed forward to call my fingers, but… But it disqualify me… it needs to work .. It gives me an indication: relax, washing facilities, the letters do not touch, because I will reduce the evening. I smile at her response, in anticipation evening. She comes home evening. Is my bath, washes me closer to my head pizdenku. I want to say that my sex sponges and pierced nipples on the chest and when necessary, it inserts the ring mistress. So, and this time, I pobriv bull, it inserts a sexual lips and nipples ringlets. Prodevaet through ringlets chain. Soski, pisechku anus and molasses cream incident, the clitoris prischepochke hangs in the tiny weight. In anal hole diameter cork inserts anal 6 Podvodit see me to the mirror. I intercepts breath from what I see in the mirror. Before me stands slaves, which I know themselves, which, through nipples leather chain. Conversations go down and down at the bottom of these conversations go through ringlets in sexual sponge. Through these conversations, my lips razdvinuty sex in the hand and reveal at its full strength of edematous exciting cream clitoris, which hangs weight. With each movement, this weight podergivaetsya and further stirs my pizdenku. The landlady gives me directions: in this way today, I will meet with the guests. I tremble all of impatience, when guests will come, and all who will come will see me in a way.

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